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July 13
Penny & The Flame Throwers
6:15 P.M.

 The Texas Bluesmen
8:30 P.M.

Penny & The Flamethrowers

Featuring the only band in north Texas fronted by a published 50s/60s style pinup model ... Penny Ruffles- trust us when we say she's a little naughty and a whole lot of nice!

She and her band the Flamethrowers, have carved out their own sound and bring a blazing, rockabilly blowtorch beat to stages all over the region.   With a rocket fueled, bluesy swing American rock sound that gives a nod to Cash and Cline, Penny and the Flamethrowers are a look back to when rock and roll was built on three chords and rebellion!  


Call it a marriage of the Stray Cats fed-rockabilly and Drive By Truckers inspired Alt-Country, but mostly it’s songs everyone knows, with a swingin’ beat and a bit of a modern edge. If you listen close, you might even hear an original tune sprinkled in from time to time.

Texas Bluesmen
In the spring of 2018, Paul Andrews (Jake) went on "A Mission" to form his vision of a tribute to The Blues Brothers for North Texas. As the proud owner of a Bluesmobile and a performer himself, it was the natural "next step."   He found "his brother Elwood" Justin Clark (a multi decade Elwood performer from the Legends show in Branson) who happened to have moved to North Texas.

Together they built and molded a band of "who's who" in North Texas - featuring the best musicians from various backgrounds.   Even Murph and the Magic Tones would be proud of this group!

Having now performed over 500 shows in venues all over Texas, Oklahoma and beyond, the band solidified their popularity when they were asked to perform with Dan Aykroyd & James Belushi!

It’s a sound, a look, and a vibe that’s guaranteed to keep you dancing in the aisles from the first song to the last, all while keeping the dream and legacy created by the late John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd alive and well.

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Food and Beverage Options: 

  • Nuevo Leon Mex-Mex: Beer & Wine

  • JBW (Corndogs and Funnel Cakes) 

  • Dallas Grilled Cheese

  • Tikiz Shaved Ice

Family Activities 

  • Corn-Hole

  • Ring Toss

  • Family Games

Please note that all acts and performance times are
subject to change or cancelation without notice. 

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